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Our food is Prasadam.

Our head chef, Govinda Madhava das (also known as Madhi), is a Gaudiya Vaisnav (Krishna Devotee) who is the son of direct disciples of Srila Prabhupada .

What is Prasadam?
Prasadam is food that has been offered to and therefor blessed by god. It also means that our food is Ahimsa, or non violent.

Violence does not make food delicious or great, skills and knowledge do.

Working together, you’ll be eating the most delicious meals from over 50 different countries.

Prior to joining NoVian Life, our head chef traveled the world feeding hungry kids in need through different NGOs and Non Profit Organizations.

Since then he has taken his knowledge to cater some of the most prominent celebrities and enterprises in the United States.

We would love to take our knowledge of delicious and healthy vegan meals to your next party or event.

Why Vegan?

Health – Meat is high in cholesterol, fat, and extremely difficult for your body to digest. It also brings out the worst odor, particularly in men.

The Planet – Cows eat and excrete A LOT. They put out more green house gasses than all of the world’s transportation combined. In addition to commonly known greenhouse gasses such as C02, their manure is also extremely high in Methane and gasses that are depleting the Ozone layer, causing an unseen spike in skin cancer. Animal Agriculture is also the number 1 cause behind deforestation.

Eating Vegan is the single most effective way anyone can help planet earth.

Ethics – We’ll let PETA do the dirty work. It’s not cool to eat animals.