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Live Food Diet Testimonials

I LOVE BROCCOLI MICROGREENS AND ALL SPROUTS! Broccoli microgreens are known to be the #1 anti-cancer foods from John Hopkins University and I use them in all my recipes, putting them in all my juices, smoothies, avocado toasts and eating them as a snack!! They are the best.

Liana WernergrayBest Selling Author - The Earth Diet | Cancer Free with Food

I've been living the raw foods lifestyle, drinking wheatgrass and juicing sprouts every day for 7 years and it has helped me change my life and reverse cancer.

Aniello Ricchiuti

I'm a raw foods chef and yoga teacher. I use wheatgrass and microgreens in my daily diet and recommend them to all of my clients for energy, healing, and weight loss!

Boo BaofoWeight Loss

LOVE YOUR PRODUCE!! Delicious, inexpensive, great wheatgrass machine, lovely staff and delivered right to my door! Thank you so much for providing FRESH organic superfoods and making it so easy for me to be healthy!! I give your products to my whole family. I don't know how people live with it out. I can't wait to see what else you do and thank you for all the lives you have changed!

Lauren Gladding

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Frequently asked questions

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NoVian Life FAQ’s

Is your raw food organic?

100%! Our produce is sourced from a local New York family ran farm. The food is organic, locally sourced, healthy, and delicious 🙂

Do I need juicing equipment to subscribe?

While it is most optimal to have a juicer, we do offer snacks and salad kits as well. If you don’t have a juicer, not to worry! We sell high quality juicers and can deliver them to your door.

Prep Time?

Our raw vegan recipes are typically ready in less than five minutes!

Do we offer dietary/health consulting?

Yes we do. Please contact us through the chat bot below.

Where and when do you deliver?

Delivery days and times vary based on your city. You will be able to select your desired day and time at checkout! Right now we only deliver in New Jersey, New York City, and Long Island.

Can I skip my delivery?

Yes! With NoVian Life, skipping weeks, putting your plan on pause or canceling is easy. You can skip a week, pause or cancel any time as long as you notify us by 12 pm the same day of upcoming delivery. Message us on our chat box to communicate accordingly.

Servings per subscription?

Each subscription gets your seven servings. So if you’d like to have 2 raw vegan meals a day, you should subscribe to the 14 servings option.

Any other questions?

Please contact our live specialist via the chat box on the bottom right hand portion of the screen! We have support 24/7 and can help answer any question you may have!

Are your meals vegan?

Our meals are vegan!


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